MX Token-MX

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Base Info

  • Max Supply
    1000000000 MX
  • Total Supply
    559298358 MX
  • Circulating Supply
    100000000 MX
  • MarketCap

MX Token-MX Introduction

MXC as ⼀ growing trading platform, to a community trading platform, high efficiency and security of digital assets rise to the top of a wave, and the perfect integration of the trading of centralized and decentralized, the advantages of strong liquidity, high security, trusted and transparent, both fairness and efficiency of development. Fair and reasonable dividend distribution mechanism as the core of MXC development industry, aims to let the traders and investors share the wealth brought by the block chain technology at the same time, get more rich, reliable and secure transaction services. MX is the equity certificate of the MXC trading platform itself. Holders of MX enjoy a series of rights including asset appreciation, platform return, supervision and voting. MX can be obtained in two ways: mining and purchasing.