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RubyChain-RUB Introduction

RubyChain is the world's leading blockchain application technology stack, the first commercial level blockchain infrastructure. The first double-helix molecular structure, providing intelligent contract, multi-chain parallel, cross-chain consensus, big data module storage on the chain, non-inductive chain application block fragmentation storage, rapid application transfer and other operating mechanisms. Effective for the male chain decentralization, scalable, impossible triangle, the safety of the three get perfect fusion, based on block chain system problems, team thinking about the design and iterative optimization Ruby chain, upgrade traditional public block chain of all technical performance at the same time introduced a big contract engine, data module, intelligent things outside class N * RAID5 chain extension storage applications technical concepts. Ruby provides traditional enterprises and Internet enterprises with accelerated fuel for blockchain technology migration, making blockchain application development as flexible, fast, low-cost and one-stop as Internet application development, and comprehensively realizing the possibility of blockchain commercial application.